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Radio interview
Alan Keyes on the David Allen Show
June 22, 2006

DAVID ALLEN: . . . welcome to the David Allen Show. One of my favorite leaders in America today, Alan Keyes, joins us. Dr. Keyes, welcome to the program.

KEYES: Hi, how are you, David? It's good to be with you.

ALLEN: It's great to have you on the program, Sir.

Now, for the benefit of the listeners who may not be familiar--and I don't see how that's possible--he's run for president; he's run for senator; he was ambassador under one of the greatest presidents America ever had, Ronald Reagan.

He is going to be in Jacksonville on the 8th of July. That's coming up next weekend after July the 4th. And tell us where all you're going to be, Sir.

KEYES: Well, I'm going to be doing a little campaign tour with Randall Terry. I'm going around to support his candidacy and really promote the effort to put somebody into office who has been a long-standing champion of almost . . . well, I would say, everything that I strongly believe in. And who will help to, I think, deal with some of the crises that we're faced with in this country right now--both in principle with issues that effect things like our commitment to our principles, as a people, like abortion, and, in fact, because we are also in the midst of this crisis of border security which, I think, is physically threatening to the very future of the whole country.

ALLEN: Let me ask you what your thoughts are. We've heard lately about many, many Republicans actually questioning the conservative credentials of the current administration. Do you think there is a problem within the Republican Party as to liberal ideology giving way . . . or excuse me, conservatives giving way to liberal ideology?

KEYES: I think, unfortunately, that there is. I think that race between Randall Terry and Jim King is a good illustration. You have someone on the one side who has supported life, who has supported the effort to protect the traditional family, who has supported the need to get strong border security, so we can have an effective policy in dealing with things like immigration.

Then on the other side, you have somebody who down the line has taken the same position the Democrats are taking--sort of open borders, not supporting a strong pro-life position, not doing what's necessary to fight against the idea that you're going lend legitimacy to things like gay marriage. I mean, you have Republicans like this who are essentially no different than Democrats. They just wear a different label and take advantage of that for political purposes.

ALLEN: Well, we have seen a dramatic drop in the popularity of President Bush. Lately, it's climbed up. The less he talks about immigration issues, the better his poll numbers do. This is a problem not just in, you know, California and the border states. Are you finding immigration is an issue with people across the country?

KEYES: Well, of course, now. Because I think that no matter where you go in America, including for instance, I'm up here in Maryland and other places that are far from the border. I was out in Utah not long ago, and things have just kind of . . . everybody is just faced with this problem, because of the rising tide that we have seen over the last decade and more that has resulted in so many illegal immigrants throughout this country, that they don't even know what the numbers are.

Truth of the matter, I've seen numbers all over the map from below 10 million all the way up to 26 million and more, that represent the illegals, not the legal immigration, but the illegals that have come into the country. Plus, the Senate bill that would expand immigration enormously to such an extent that in the course of the next generation, you would change the face of America entirely, in such a way that we would no longer really have the kind of country that we have now. And we're doing this in a way that doesn't put an emphasis on citizenship, on assimilation, on the acquisition of the culture of liberty, so you're really supporting the perpetuation of Constitutional government. But it's really being done for pure economic reasons without any regard, whatsoever, to the effect it will have on constitutional self-government. This is despicable.

And you know what's interesting? A lot of Americans see this. They know at some common sense level that a country can't survive, if it doesn't control its own borders, and that's especially true in the situation where we're faced with the threat of international terrorists, such as we are now.

So, I think a lot of folks are looking at what the president been asking, which is that you essentially trust them on border enforcement, and go ahead with a massive increase in immigration. That's the same recipe for disaster that has gotten us into this mess, because that's what we did with Simpson / Mazzoli back in '86. We can't trust these people to enforce the security of our border. We must have proof of that, in hand, of the measures taken that are necessary to achieve it, before we talk about anything else. And I think that common sense prevails amongst most people in this country.

ALLEN: You know, I think one of the things that I think people find, some people find troubling is that there's this conflict for years now--probably for a couple of decades--we've been preached to the virtues of diversity. And yet that seems to conflict with the idea of having a single American culture.

KEYES: See, I don't think so. I am greatly committed to the notion that this nation has a universal significance. That we've attracted {inaudible] people from every race, color, creed, and kind. Our aim is to prove the ideals of self-government and respect for human dignity, on behalf of all human beings. That's a tremendous goal. That's a great dedication that's been there since the country started. Our founders recognized that our country here would have significance for all humanity, and we have proven over the course of the last couple of centuries that we don't mean to exclude anybody.

But there's a difference between wanting to see that ideal [inaudible] and being stupid about it. The notion that we can throw open our borders to the entire world, say y'all [come] [inaudible] have would in the end be hundreds of millions of people coming to this country over the course of the next two or three decades, changing the whole face of it, and doing it in a careless [way] that doesn't respect the requirements of our infrastructure and so forth. That defies common sense. Nobody in this country believes we can get away with that--not anybody with any intelligence.

And the people who are promoting it because of their short-term political ambition to court some economic interests or to court what they believe would be the support of a special interest ethnic group, they're sacrificing the whole country [inaudible] common sense in order to achieve a short-term objective. While the real dream of America's appeal to the world and our importance to the world is destroyed. I think that's what most Americans [inaudible] not giving up on the ideal of a country that stands for something important for all human beings. We just want to do it right.

ALLEN: Yeah. If you just tuned in, you're listening to the David Allen Show. And we are talking with Dr. Alan Keyes, who will be in Jacksonville on the 8th of July. That's a week from Saturday. He'll be in Jacksonville at the Omni Hotel for a campaign rally at 4:00 p.m. in that afternoon for Randall Terry. And also, at 6:30 for a campaign dinner.

Now, Mr. Keyes, the . . . er Dr. Keyes, excuse me, . . . there's a feeling out there, I think, on the part of some of the electorate that, if they just change parties and vote for a Democrat, this will change in Washington, or the idea that's giving these problems to illegal immigration will somehow change, but is that . . . is the political party affiliation the root cause of what is giving us these terrible decisions about immigration?

KEYES: Well, on the immigration issue, it's not really. Even though I'll have to say, people who think they can do any thing better by getting the Democrats into office must not have been watching the history of the last twenty years. The Democrats have been the party that is championing open borders, that is abandoning the idea of our national sovereignty, that wants to surrender, in point of fact, to an idea of uncontrolled immigration that I think will destroy the country.

The problem is that we have seen certain elements in the Republican Party going along with this agenda, because they are committed to certain narrow special economic interests that are lining their political coffers, and that, I think, is greatly threatening to the country.

And that is why I'm coming down for a primary fight down there, because I think it's terribly important that we get real Republicans standing up to offer Americans a real choice, instead of Republicans in name only, who are essentially going along with what the Democrats want and offering people no alternative. America deserves a good alternative--not a choice of evil. And that's what I think we have to work to give to people all over the country, and that's why these primaries are important.

ALLEN: All right. Now, let's go to the phones. I'd like to go to Alexander. Alexander, welcome to the show. You're on the show with Dr. Alan Keyes.

ALEXANDER: Yes, thank you. I just want to hear his comments on Obama. He's making comment about two days ago trying to tell the Democrats that they need to win the Evangelical vote. Do you think that's a right approach? I think it's a false intent. You know, they're trying to win votes, but I don't know if they're going to change the way they talk, or if they really mean it, which I doubt they really mean it. I don't know what you think about that. [inaudible]

ALLEN: Thank you, Alexander.

KEYES: I think, in matters like that, you have to look at what they what they do and not what they say. Barack Obama is presenting in some glib ways, as he has done throughout, something that he thinks is going to appeal to people, but it's a lie. Because when you look at the way he follows through, he supports every moral evil that abandons the principles of our country and that turns the hearts of our people away from that heritage based on the Declaration of Independence which says our rights come from God and which clearly requires that we respect the authority of God in the exercise of those rights.

I read that speech he gave the other day. It was in Chicago, I think. I'm, in fact, preparing a response to it, since he took my name in vain several times. And I think that it's a good example of what is wrong with this liberal appeal to people of faith. It has very little in the way of substance. It talks about the American heritage, but doesn't once cite anything from that heritage--no talk about the Declaration, no talk about what really happened in terms of the history and tradition of our country. It's all a fabrication.

And at the same time that he doesn't take that seriously, he therefore doesn't look at the fact that America started with certain ideas. "All men are created equal. Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights." That's the American tradition. How do you reconcile that with an idea of separation of church and state, which he says is our tradition and heritage, that drives God out of politics and out of the public arena? Our whole idea of what justice is and of what politics ought to be is based on the idea that our rights come from the Creator. So, if you banish the Creator from our public arena, you have destroyed the basis for all our institutions.

He doesn't grapple with these questions. He just gives a good little speech, thinking that he'll string together some things that sound good. And some foolish people may be taken in by it, but I don't think thoughtful people or even folks who have the right common sense are going to be taken in by it.

ALLEN: Yes, well. Dr. Keyes, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us today. And we look forward to seeing you July 8th here in Jacksonville. Thank you very much, Sir.

KEYES: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

ALLEN: All right. All right folks, Dr. Alan Keyes, one of the most amazing speakers in America today, one of the greatest politicians we have ever seen--at least in my lifetime. And callers standby. I want to take your comments on the other side of the break. You're listening to the David Allen Show. We'll be right back.

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